A new user of Eplehaien!

A new user of Eplehaien arrived into this world on Jan 17, at 7:14am. Size 3964 gram and 52 cm; the first daughter of Mari Sophie and Vidar, Vilja Marie. Born i Oslo at Ullevaal Hospital. Good timing as we were in Oslo at that time, and could get to see her as soon as possible.

On the phone

Her name is Vilja. Yes, she is very beautiful. Yes, she is 3964 grams. Yes, she is 52 cm....

A family

I have no further comments. :-)

Four generations

Four generations of females; Vilja, mother, grandmother and great grandmother

Look at her!

Vidar is showing some of the 50 pictures he had taken on his daughters birthday.

Christmas 2007: Ready for dinner

Ready for the Christmas dinner; ready for the pinnesteik! Nam...

I want it......

I want the almond this year!!

The reward

Here is the reward for those who found the almonds. (We always have two, or rather; one and a half!)

Who found the almond?

Guess who found the almond and got the price?.
NO,no! There is no similarity. How could you ever think like that? Shame on you!


Some gifts can be eaten!

A DVD pLayer!

Pre-Christmas mood in the Eplehaien

No further comments necesarry. A wonderful place!

Christmas tree

Christmas time withou christmas tree is hard to imagine; hence we went out into the woods of our brother neighbor, and found this little bush. After Christmas I could take all the needles out by way of the vacumer....

Ice Skating

Winter is time for Ice skating, but this ice were too thin; hence we had to do some fake ice skating......:)